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About Jared 

Jared is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist who has developed a special interest in the shoulder. This interest sparked Jared to commence a PhD in this area at Bond University and also run niche Shoulder Workshops for other health care practitioners to stay up to date with the latest evidence. Jared also lectures at Bond University, about all things shoulder, to eager Physiotherapy students. 

The idea for Jared Powell Shoulder Physiotherapy developed after years of treating those with shoulder pain and relentlessly researching and reading ways to improve my practice. As I got deeper into the literature and also chatting to some of my mentors, I realised that there are elements of optimal shoulder care that are not currently being served in general musculoskeletal practice today. The management of shoulder pain, especially in relation to the rotator cuff, is going through a transformation, where injection therapy and surgery are being challenged in the literature. Elements of physiotherapy have also been challenged. My aim is to provide practical, logical and scientific advice and intervention for the management of shoulder pain. This will be done in the context of a long consultation where a real dialogue can happen between myself and the patient. A thorough clinical history and physical examination will be performed and this will lead directly into an intervention strategy. The intervention will be based largely around proper education and advice, appropriate exercise therapy to target the affected areas, and the implementation of a stimulating home exercise regime that is relevant to the specific person. Hands on therapy will be provided if necessary.

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