The Shoulder: Simple. Scientific. Modern

The Complete Shoulder

The management of shoulder pain, including rotator cuff pain, shoulder instability, and frozen shoulder is undergoing a revolution as a result of new evidence. What this new evidence suggests, quite clearly, is physiotherapy should be the front line intervention to manage many shoulder pain presentations. But what physiotherapy? How long do we give it? What are the intricacies of diagnosis and management? 

Often, shoulder pain can be a challenging and even perplexing condition. It really doesn't need to be this way. I aim to cut through the obscurity of some academic research and deliver simple, scientific and modern advice pertaining to the best management of all presentations of shoulder pain. 

If you see people with shoulder pain in your clinic in any manner of frequency, I strongly suggest you check out this 16 hour course. Already, we have over 250 clinicians who have graduated from the program.

The course covers the ubiquitous rotator cuff related shoulder pain, traumatic and atraumatic shoulder instability presentations, and the "stiff shoulder" (with a focus on the mysterious frozen shoulder). This course is thoroughly referenced with over 500 citations of solid, peer reviews scientific papers. There is practical demonstrations of exercise options and physical examinations techniques that can be applied to your practice immediately.

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